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We find it very important to keep people advised of why vehicles require certain services, and why vehicles break down.  We have thought for a long time, other than as our customers come and leave, how to educate individuals on their vehicles.  We truly want our customers to be knowledgeable about their service and about their repairs.

We decided our web page would be the best place to start.  Over the year, we will be adding new information as we build our online education center for owning an auto. 

Service: Lube/Oil/Filter/s, etc.

A vehicle requires service.  Which basically means, it needs it's oil changed, and other lubrications used by the vehicle maintained and checked for integrity.  Usually a vehicle requires an oil  change at 5000 km or 3 months.  The oil to your vehicle is the same as the blood going through your blood stream.  It has to be kept clean and free of plaque and particals, as it is the heart of your engine, dirty oil will create a damaged engine.  Thinking of it this way, as we all strive to keep healthy, and are becoming more heart aware, this analogy also applies to your vehicle. 

The difference between an Auto Repair Shop and a drive through oil change is we are not an upsell for fluids. We are not making our dollar on selling radiator flushes, changing differential fluids, etc., however we do check these fluids as well, and if required we change them, but we do not upsell them, as this is not our target business.  We offer the expertise of 45 plus years, between two very knowledgeable mechanics who upon changing your oil, topping up your fluids, will go over your vehicle for the integrity of safety, checking your brakes, rotors, calipers,  muffler, struts, shocks, cv boots, u-joints, tie rod ends and every other moving part under your vehicle to ensure your trip when you leave Old Style Repair is safe.   You will receive a full report, including the integrity of your fluids, and you are informed which fluids are changed and which fluids are just topped up.

A vehicle when purchased new has a scheduled timing based on the number of km of when services have to be provided to the vehicle in order to keep it's warranty.  At Old Style, we do such services, which are often less expensive than where the vehicle was purchased.  We keep vigilant records, which are held on a server and are always available for the consumer in order to ensure their warranty is covered.  It is a falicy that when you purchase a new vehicle you must take it to where you purchase it for your service.  We are also aware of call backs, and when we find a call back we advise customers immediately when we have the vehicle in the shop and there has been a recall and the vehicle has not be tended to.  This recall goes back to the where the vehicle was purchased to be done at no charge to the customer.  At times, we have for the convenience of our customers handled the recall.  Most individuals are not aware other auto repair shops can also do their service on new vehicles.


Individuals are often surprised when they find out that a cracked windshield versus a windshield without cracks can be the difference of saving their lives in an accident.  Most people don't realize the windshield is the recipient of the airbag in an accident, keeping you in the position you need to be for your ultimate safety.  A cracked windshield jeopardizes the integrity of the holding power of the windshield to withstand the force of an exploding airbag.  If the windshield can not hold the airbag, your position is to be thrown forward rather than to be kept safely in your seat.  Out of province inspections, most people do not understand the fail because of a windshield.  Most residents of the province, do not understand the jeopardy they put themselves into.  Old Style Repair can have your windshield installed on site, and has contacts, if you require a new windshield where they will come directly to your home and do it for you.  Never hesitate to give us a call.  Your safety is at stake.


Windshield wipers are often dismissed by drivers, but are very important for driving in the rain, and in particular when the rain is reflective and vehicles are coming towards you.  Worn blades do not clear the window, and does not give you the vision you require.  Cheap blades are also detrimental to your safety.  It is recommended you invest in excellent high quality windshield wipers.  We now install them free of charge with other services; and having a clear view is your best vantage in driving, and also the best advantage to pedestrians and bikers as you drive.  Keep your family safe, and realize windshield wipers are a matter of safety.  In a recent report I read that 7 out of 10 vehicle on the road do not have suitable windshield wipers.  Wiper blades should be replaced once a year however it is advocated that in fact they should be changed twice a year.  It is also advisable that some people in the rainy weather and night driving  benefit from wearing yellow sun glasses.  This may help you, it may not, but it is understood many claim these glasses work.

Above is a chart for you to guage where your Windshield Wipers are at.


Brakes - in a normal vehicle one should have to replace two sets of front pads to one set of rears.  If services at a regular shop properly, the technician and the records will indicate always when and how far the pads are worn.  Many people do not realize that if they go to a proper auto repair shop, vigilant in watching the wear on brake pads, that vehicle can on the first change usually just have the pads changed.  Generally; if the pads are changed at the right time the rotors can be turned and the calipers pushed back once.  The second change generally results in a full brake change being pads, rotors and calipers.  As calipers are expensive, due your due dilgence ensuring you are going to a repair shop that is honest and will replace only what is necessary.  A well rounded automotive shop, with a good history of ethical values will not change everything unless it is definitely required.  If you are quoted and told your vehicle requires everything, do not hesitate to go elsewhere for a second opinion.  Know that a skilled technician will show you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, if you don't understand what is wrong, Old Style will put it on the hoist and show you, what they have called to repair, explaining why, and if not repaired what the end result can be.


For drivers who often go skiing, and are coming down the mountain and find their tires almost on fire, remember you are exerting great stress on your braking system.  Go slowly, use your gears, and pull over to the side giving your braking system a bit of time to recover from the constant application of braking.  Why?  Coming down the mountain at a good speed, braking often creates heat, and heat will warp your rotors.  This is a tip in safe and smart driving, written to save you some $$ in the long run and perhaps your ability to stop.

""""HOT TIP"""""

Fuel Pumps are small electric motors where in many vehicles are inserted into the bottom of the tank.  If you are consistantly letting your fuel gauge drop below the 1/4 marker, and lower you are asking for an investment venture in your vehicle.  This little electric motor as it operates pumps gasoline from the bottom of your tank to your system.  Letting the gasoline in your tank go to a very low level (especially on those hot summer days) you have a small electric motor which when pumping creates heat.  So all the little elements within this pump being used are hot.  And summer especially has hot days.  You fuel level is very low, you pull into a gas station, stop, take off your fuel cap and start pumping "COLD" gasoline onto your little hot fuel pump.  You have just created damage.  Repeated, there comes a time when the fuel pump just does no longer function.  The cold on the hot has caused so much contraction, the pump fails.  After you have paid for your gas you go to get in your vehicle and the motor cranks but nothing happens.  You are going nowhere.  You have two choices, one is to call a tow truck to take you to your auto service center, or the other is to get under your vehicle and give your gas tank one real hard thump with something like a heavy piece of wood, even the back of good soled shoe.  Generally the vehicle will start one more time.  Get in, and drive to your auto repair center, and have your fuel pump replaced.  Do not drive home, as your vehicle will not start again, and indeed you may have a more expensive tow bill.


This light is often referred to as the money light.  If ignored, it can become a great money light.  Often a check engine light comes on by the computer throwing a code that the gas cap has not been put on properly.  There are several small reasons why a check engine light can come on.


Diagnostics are involved when issues such as the check engine light comes on.  We scan for codes and in the case of an issue such as the gas cap, or other small issues, we just reset and clear the codes in your computer.  Gone unchecked, even if the gas cap is bringing on the code, if your engine has larger issues you will not know.  So it is vital to your vehicle when the Check Engine Light comes on you take it in for a diagnostic scan.  The equipment we use is top of the line and clearly tells us what your vehicle has endured over the past while with the codes that are set off.  We can fix many problems and clear many codes, often the cost is not prohibitive.  There are times, it can be a costly computer, or control module which has just clearly failed.  As we are in the computerized world, these small fragile components are subject to the elements to which they are exposed, which includes driving.  Why we stress having your engine diagnosed for the Check Engine Light, is what may appear as an expensive module, not taken care of can cost the driver bigger dollars overall as if that component is not fixed, other components will follow,  Vigilence in your vehicle maintenance saves you money.


When doing our inspection with an oil change we always check the integrity of tie rod ends.  Tie Rod Ends simply are the most important component in the direction your vehicle is going to travel.  In short, if you have a tie rod end, ready to fall apart, at the point of disintegration we will not even allow the vehicle to leave the shop.  The reasoning is simple.  Once that tie rod end breaks dependent on the side of the vehicle, you lose complete control of the vehicle and either drive over the side of the bank, or into the oncoming traffic.  This is not only a jeopardy to your life, but is a jeopardy to others as well.  Tie Rod Ends are not expensive, but if not in good working condition can mean the difference between life, death, and/or  life altering situations to not only you but perhaps some innocent person.   When purchasing a used car, a pre-purchase inspection is important and will reveal the integrity of the tie rod ends.

More to Come - To Keep You Safe

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